Tour of Slovenia
27. Tour of Slovenia 2021 June 9th - June 13th

20.06.2019 | 146,3 km



Stage profile

The continuation of this year's Slovenian “cycling bow” will be in the second largest Slovenian city, Maribor. In this stage, the cyclists will have to deal with more shorter climbs and descents and there will be plenty of opportunities for escapes. In the last part of the stage, the cyclists wait for the first serious test, the ascent from Štore to Celjska koča. The stage finish will be in the city center this year. At the end of the stage, the cyclists will have to tackle 8 kilometers long round through the city streets, which in a way gives the sprinters the opportunity to join the battle for the stage victory. In the end, we expect an extremely cheering atmosphere, as always when the city of Celje is hosting a cycling race in the Tour of Slovenia.

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