30. Tour of Slovenia June 12th - June 16th 2024
192,3 km
Murska Sobota

Murska Sobota



Start: 11:00
Finish: 15:50

TV Live coverage: 13:30 - 15:50

RTV SLO 2, Eurosport

Start of the first stage will be on Slovenska cesta in Murska Sobota, and the route will lead the cyclists across three neighboring countries, Austria, Hungary and Croatia, which makes this stage unique in the European area. The route of the first, fairly long stage, is not demanding, the competitors have a long day ahead of them with quite a few technical turns. Considering the undemanding nature of the route with only one mountain finish of the fourth category, the first leader in Ormož will probably be decided by the sprint of the main group.