Tour of Slovenia
27. Tour of Slovenia 2021 June 9th - June 13th

19.06.2019 | 171 km


Rogaška Slatina

Stage profile

The first stage of the 26th Tour of Slovenia will begin in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. The first stage is 170 kilometers long and will start at the Congress Square in the center of the capital city. Already the first part of the route to Litija is dynamic, as it will take the cyclists over Laško, Celje and Šentjur. And again, as last year, ascent to the mountain at Sevnica. The ending of the stage is extremely dynamic and technically interesting, through Podčetrtek and Kozjansko the riders will turn towards the stage finish. Rogaška Slatina, one of our most famous tourist destinations, will host the stage finish for the second-time. It's a real sporting city, where people always did their best to welcome the cyclists. In spite of the varied and technically demanding route, we expect the first stage will finish with a group sprint.

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