30. dirka Po Sloveniji 12. junij - 16. junij 2024

V živo  

16.06.2024 14:53:56

Best Slovenians - Luka Mezgec (Team Jayco AlUla) & Matej Mohorič (Bahrain Victorious) were 4th and 5th. So close to the podium!

16.06.2024 14:39:40

Unofficial stage results. Giovanni Aleotti (Bora - Hansgrohe) has won 30th Tour of Slovenia!

16.06.2024 14:38:34

Ben Healy (EF Education - Easypost) takes the stage victory!

16.06.2024 14:34:51

RESULTS: K.O.M. Trška gora (147,4 km, cat. III)
1) Ben Healy (EF Education - Easypost)
2) Martin Marcellusi (VF Group-Bardiani CSF- Faizane')
3) Jhonatan Manuel Narvaez (INEOS Grenadiers)

16.06.2024 14:31:06

Aleotti has made it back to the group of leaders.

16.06.2024 14:27:31

RESULTS: K.O.M. Trška gora (147,4 km, cat. III)
1) Ben Healy (EF Education - Easypost)
2) Martin Marcellusi (VF Group-Bardiani CSF- Faizane')

16.06.2024 14:25:23

Ben Healy (EF Education - Easypost) and Martin Marcellusi (VF Group-Bardiani CSF- Faizane') are in the front, 500 m to the top of the climb.

16.06.2024 14:21:55

The final climb on the race - Trška gora (cat. III).

16.06.2024 14:20:22

Second group:
Nikias Arndt (Bahrain Victorious)
Pello Bilbao (Bahrain Victorious)
Ben Healy (EF Education - Easypost)
Clément Davy (Groupama-FDJ)
Johan Meens (Bingoal WB)
Paul Double (Team Polti Kometa)

16.06.2024 14:18:01

Peloton has came to Novo mesto, one more lap and a climb to Trška gora and we'll be in the last kilometres of the race.

16.06.2024 14:09:30

Group with Bilbao is 48" behind the leaders, group with Aleotti is another half a minute behind.

16.06.2024 14:08:13

Update from the officials, breakaway riders are:
Alessandro De Marchi (Team Jayco Alula)
Vegard Stake Laengen (Uae Team Emirates)
Fabien Grellier (Totalenergies)
Szymon Sajnok (Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team)
Martin Marcellusi (VF Group-Bardiani CSF- Faizane')
Robin Froidevaux (Tudor Pro Cycling Team)
Alexander Kristoff (Uno-X Mobility)
Piotr Pekala (Santic-Wibatech)

16.06.2024 13:55:37

32,9 km to go: Leading group is now bigger, group with Giovanni Aleotti (Bora - Hansgrohe) is 48 seconds behind. Aleotti has two teammates to help him, but as of right now Bilbao is the race winner. Trška gora awaits...

16.06.2024 13:49:33

Looks like Pello Bilbao (Bahrain Victorious) has joined Ben Healy (EF Education - Easypost) & Paul Double (Team Polti Kometa) at the front. We're waiting for the official confirmation.

16.06.2024 13:37:29

1,7 km from K.O.M. Veliki Ban.  Five riders have a minimum lead ahead of the bigger group.

16.06.2024 13:19:17

Average speed after two hours: 46,5 km/h.

16.06.2024 13:15:21

RESULTS: Intermediate sprint Krško (90,2 km)
1) Alexander Kristoff (Uno-X Mobility)
2) Martin Marcellusi (VF Group-Bardiani CSF- Faizane')
3) Robin Froidevaux (Tudor Pro Cycling Team)

16.06.2024 13:01:35

Big thanks to the Slovenian Police for amazing support and safety of the race!

16.06.2024 13:00:46

Watch the race live on Eurosport and Television Slovenia!

16.06.2024 12:54:52

Km 77: Gap is now at 3’05”. Next intermediate sprint in Krško is at km 90,2.

16.06.2024 12:51:47

RESULTS: Intermediate sprint Sevnica (72,4 km)
1) Martin Marcellusi (VF Group-Bardiani CSF- Faizane')
2) Vegard Stake Laengen (UAE Team Emirates)
3) Diego Uriarte Belzunegi (Equipo Kern Pharma)

16.06.2024 12:38:31

Km 66: Riders in the front group are 3 minutes ahead of the main peloton. We're still waiting for their names. Next intermediate sprint is Sevnica is at 72,4 km.

16.06.2024 12:35:58

Km 54: Gap is 1’20”.

16.06.2024 12:21:04

RESULTS: Intermediate sprint Mokronog (51,3 km) / premium sprint
1) Alexander Kristoff (Uno-X Mobility)

16.06.2024 12:17:59

Km 50: Lead of the front group is now 50 seconds. Average speed after one hour is 49,5 km/h!

16.06.2024 12:03:51

Km 40: 15 riders are now in the breakaway, they have a gap of 40".

16.06.2024 12:01:28

First 3 riders on the intermediate sprints get 3/2/1 bonus seconds. This means that Bilbao just took 2 seconds from Aleotti. The #FightForGreen is ON.

16.06.2024 11:58:36

RESULTS: Intermediate sprint Trebnje (33,7 km)
1) Pello Bilbao (Bahrain Victorious)
2) Phil Bauhaus (Bahrain Victorious)
3) Giovanni Aleotti (Bora - Hansgrohe)
The group is now again back together.

16.06.2024 11:48:00

Km 26: The main group is split in two, the speed in very high.

16.06.2024 11:47:01

The set for the last stage of the race is Dolenjska, with its endless hilly landscapes and rivers Krka & Sava that have found their path among them. You will see beautiful green countryside, when you visit you will experience tradition and amazing offer of culinary delights. Great place to visit, especially with the bike that really connects you with the people and nature.
More about the stage and host cities: https://tourofslovenia.si/en/stage/5

16.06.2024 11:40:51

Km 21: The situation has changed. There was a group of 26 riders that came to the front, but now the peloton is back together. Looks like there is much interest for the points on the intermediate sprints, the first one will take place in Trebnje at km 33,7.

16.06.2024 11:33:23

Km 12: The gap has came down to 12".

16.06.2024 11:26:51

Km 10: Clément Davy (Groupama-Fdj), Alexander Kristoff (Uno-X Mobility) & Martin Voltr (Pierre Baguette Cycling) are in the breakaway and now have a lead of 23 seconds.

16.06.2024 11:14:46

Stage 5 - Official start time >> 11:13:33

16.06.2024 11:14:31

Lucas Eriksson (Tudor Pro Cycling Team) & Nejc Komac (Sava Kranj Cycling) did not start today.

16.06.2024 11:10:58

Live tracking: https://tourofslovenia.si/en/live/tracking

16.06.2024 11:10:42

Last day of the 30th Tour of Slovenia. Riders are leaving Šentjernej and will do 156,9 km long loop to Novo mesto. We wish all the best to all of them, have a great day and enjoy the views! See you in Novo mesto!

16.06.2024 10:49:56

Predictions ahead of the last stage
30th Tour of Slovenia is very interesting, with interesting outcome on every stage. Today we'll get all the overall winners of the race, so let's late a look what we can predict.

Giovanni Aleotti has a 12 seconds lead on Pello Bilbao, Giulio Pellizzari & Domenico Pozzovivo in 3rd and 4th are 25 seconds behind. Aleotti is a very good position, but we should not underestimate Trška gora. Can Bilbao make an attack there or will his team Bahrain Victorious send Matej Mohorič to take the stage victory? Hard to tell, but for sure it's going to be an explosive finish.

Giovanni Aleotti and Phil Bauhaus have 41 points, followed by Jhonatan Narvaez with 37 points and Pello Bilbao with 35 points.
Today we have three intermediate sprints, each with 5/3/1 points for the first three riders. Stage winner gets 25 points, but the points go to top 15 riders (20/16/14/12/10/9/8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1), so there are really a lot of points for grabs and lots can still change.

Davide Baldaccini has 14 points, Pello Bilbao and Paul Double both have 10. Points will be awarded on two third category climbs (Veliki Ban, Trška gora), where top three are awarded with 3/2/1 points. This puts Baldaccini in a very good position to take the indigo jersey of the best climber.

Giulio Pellizzari has a lead of more than a minute and a half, and just needs to finish the stage at the front. He's also 3rd overall, so that should not be a hard job.
Slovenian Jaka Marolt is in third in this competition.

Team VF Group-Bardiani CSF- Faizane' came to Slovenia with their Giro d'Italia team, which means they are going for top spots and want to beat WorldTour teams. They are doing a good job, they lead the team rankings and have their riders in 3rd and 4th in the overall rankings.

We'll get all the answers today!

16.06.2024 07:10:16

5. ETAPA / STAGE 5: Šentjernej – Novo mesto, 156,9 km (start 11:00)

TV prenos v živo/ Live broadcast:
13:00 – Eurosport , www.eurosport.com
12:45 – Televizija Slovenija, 2. program, www.rtvslo.si

Trasa & zanimivosti / Route & attractions
SI https://tourofslovenia.si/sl/etapa/5
EN https://tourofslovenia.si/en/stage/5

Profil/Profile: https://tinyurl.com/bdeh28t5
Časovnica/Timeline: https://tinyurl.com/3jhknzj2
3D video: https://tinyurl.com/3ks2s24x

Leteči cilji/ Intermediate sprints: Trebnje (33,7 km), Mokronog* (51,3 km), Sevnica (72,4 km), Krško (90,2 km)
*Premijski šprinti / Prime sprints
Gorski cilj/K.O.M. primes: Veliki Ban (113,4 km), Trška gora (147,4 km)