Tour of Slovenia
26. dirka Po Sloveniji 2019 19. junij - 23. junij

27. kolesarska dirka Po Sloveniji odpovedana


Kolesarska dirka Po Sloveniji, ki je največji kolesarski dogodek in edina etapna dirka v Sloveniji, bi morala v letošnjem letu zabeležiti že svojo 27. izvedbo. Uvedeni ukrepi za preprečevanje epidemije novega koronavirusa so že v tem trenutku takšni, da je organizacijski odbor dirke sprejel težko, a hkrati odgovorno odločitev, da se dirka v letošnjem letu odpove.

Tour of Slovenia again broke all rating records in 2019 and should have taken place from 10th to 14th June 2020. The organization of such a complex event with great number of spectators and partners has to follow certain schedule and organizers have to prepare all activities in due time. Organization committee – under the leadership of long-time organizer Cycling club Adria Mobil – has taken into account all know facts and measurements and together with partners decided to cancel 2020 Tour of Slovenia.

“Looking from the organizational standpoint we should already be doing all activities for the organization of the Slovenian tour. Fact is that all terrain work had to be cancelled for unforeseen length of time and that we have to question the new financial reality. Considering this we had to accept responsible decision and cancel the Tour of Slovenia for this season,” said Bogdan Fink, director of the race. This was not an easy decision to make – the organizers already did a lot of activities of the race and were in the middle of last preparations for the first public introduction of the race details.

“The decision to cancel the race was done after careful and meticulous consideration, taking account of the wider context of the race organization. Slovenian government passed measurements that don’t allow further execution of the organizational and promotional activities, at the same time we have to consider health of everyone involved in the project. Cycling club Adria Mobil would have to take too big responsibility for the health and safety of all people involved. Because of all these reasons we had to take the decision to cancel the race,” added Mojca Novak, president of the organizing committee.

Unfortunately, this means that Tour of Slovenia will not take place in 2020. OC would like to thank everyone who invested their time and effort in the race, and of course all sponsors, partners and fans of the race.

PR Adria Mobil Cycling, photo: Sportida