Tour of Slovenia
26. Tour of Slovenia 2019 June 19th - June 23th

Cycling Ambassadors of Slovenian Tourist Board are back!


For third year in a row Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) is inviting cyclists to participate in the competition for the Cycling Ambassador of Slovenia.

An unforgettable cycling adventure will allow the cyclist to discover the beauties of Slovenia by bike. All interested cyclists are invited to fill out the application form to become one of the six participants who will spend 28 May - 2 June riding over rewarding landscapes and discovering Slovenia’s natural beauty, breathing the fresh air and refreshing themselves with natural spring water.

All travel costs, including experienced cycling guides, bicycle equipment, accommodation, and excellent culinary experience are covered by the STB. Cyclists can apply here, no later than by 15 April.

During the unforgettable biking adventure, Cycling Ambassadors will also take part in a crazy retro bike race called the Red Bull Goni Pony – a 13.5-kilometer climb up Vršič Pass from 801 to 1611 meters above sea level, with gradients up to 10.8%. The charm of this event lies in the fact that you will be riding a retro Pony bicycle, which is the only type of bike cyclists are allowed to use on the climb up Vršič Pass!

Those interested should register soon, as the number of places for this year’s Cycling Ambassadors is limited. In the event of a large number of applicants, we will be asking the internet and social network users to help us choose the lucky winners. In order to make it easier for their fans to vote for them, we will ask applicants for a maximum 30-second video in which they will try to convince us why they should be a Cycling Ambassador of Slovenia for 2019.

The project is part of promotional activities for the Tour of Slovenia (June 19-23), which will be broadcasted by the European and global television sports network Eurosport. Thanks to major success, the story will repeat this year. Only this time we’ll be showcasing new inspiring cycling destinations all around Slovenia and new inspiring cycling ambassadors.

The dynamic landscapes of Slovenia, with their countless natural beauties, are ideal for a biking holiday. In Slovenia, every guest can find suitable trails. Due to the influence of the Mediterranean climate, biking in Slovenia is possible almost all year round. To find out more about Slovenia as a cycling destination, click here.