25. Tour of Slovenia 2018 June 13th - June 17th

The race is ON – welcome to Pomurje!


25th edition of Tour of Slovenia is about to start, 22 teams – including 9 World Tour teams – is already in the Northeast part of Slovenia, heart of Middle Europe. Welcome to Pomurje!

Region of Pomurje will be first to host cyclists on jubilee edition of Tour of Slovenia – in the host cities of Lendava, Gornja Radgona, Beltinici, Ljutomer, Dobrovnik, Murska Sobota and Lenti in Hungary. In fact this is the first time the race will cross the border between Slovenia and Hungary. “We’re extremely pleased with the readiness of the whole region, they had shown great interest to be part of the race and we would like to thank all from the bottom of our harts,” said first person of the race, race director Bogdan Fink.

Pomurje is a flat landscape situated in the northeast of Slovenia, in the very heart of Central Europe. The vast, cultivated areas as well as the fertile soil, wine-growing hills, natural resources and continental climate create favourable conditions for agriculture and the production of fresh local food, which is a distinguishing feature of region’s traditional cuisine.

Bordering Austria in the north, Hungary in the east and Croatia in the south, the green land along River Mura is uniquely positioned to allow close ties with the neighbouring countries. What is more, Pomurje lies at the junction of important international transport routes within the Pan-European Transport Corridor V.

Unique in terms of location, climate and natural resources, Pomurje offers not only pristine nature and lively urban life, but also unparalleled access to the world beyond its borders. The Pomurje region comprises 27 municipalities. Its largest urban centre is Murska Sobota, which held the prestigious title of European Capital of Culture in 2012.

With 120,000 inhabitants, the region offers employment, investment and education opportunities, has remarkable nature with multiple options for pastime activities, and provides working environment as well as a lively cultural scene featuring a plethora of events throughout the year.

What makes Pomurje a one-of-a-kind region, is the harmony of a dynamic urban culture in and nature, leaving its people room for the perfect work-life balance.

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Photos by Miran Kambič / STO, Lenti