25. Tour of Slovenia 2018 June 13th - June 17th

Police: Follow the instructions, be patient, enjoy!


Safety of all participants of the race is paramount and above everything else. This is why everybody has to follow the instructions of the police and marshals. Here are instructions for everyone who will follow the race.

25th edition of Tour of Slovenia is 664 kilometers long; there will be over 150 cyclists racing and at least 22 team cars plus all other vehicles on the road. Race will cross the boarder three times. This are all challenges for the Slovenian Police and marshals, that are making sure everything runs smoothly.

Cooperation with the Slovenian Police

There will be over a hundred police officers on the race, 28 of them on the motorcycles on each of the stages and at least three police patrol cars, each with a team of two officers. Police had made proper arrangements with the Austrian and Hungarian authorities, so it can cross the border for the duration of the race.

Instructions for the drivers

Biggest challenge is of course management of all the drivers in the traffic that are not aware of the race or cross it by chance. They all have to follow the instructions of the marshals and the police, and wait for just a little bit – the race will pass quickly, and the road will be closed for just a short period of time.

Police gives a simple advice to all stuck behind the barrier: “Get out of your vehicle and cheer for the cyclists. Don’t be angry and impatient.”

It often happens that somebody just goes on the road… Don’t do that under any condition, wait until the race passes your area. When you see the police car with a red/blue signal light you have to stop right away and let the race through. There will be also vehicles that will mark the start and the end of the race.

Use common sense, and go out there on the race and have fun!

Photos: Sportida