28. Tour of Slovenia 2022 June 15th - June 19th
Tour of Slovenia

5th stage (Vrhnika – Novo mesto) through the eyes of experts


Classic stage for sprinters that is not a classic stage for sprinters – thanks to climb to Trška gora.

Bogdan Fink: "First part of the stage will visit Ljubljana marshes, on the same route as event Argonavtski maraton. Peloton will then visit Ljubljana and head towards Dolenjska. The route is well known, with a small twist – climb to Trška gora just before the finish."

Matej Mohorič: "This stage used to be a classic stage for the sprinters, we also won here with Phil Bauhaus and great lead into the finish. Climb to Trška gora is a typical 5 min climb, similar like the final climb on San Remo. I look forward to this stage, I hope nobody will want to risk their lives on the descent from Trška gora."

Andrej Hauptman: "I'm sure that the sprinters will have a bad day thanks to Trška gora. When looking at the smile on Matej's face, I have a hunch that he set his eyes on this stage and will do special preparations for it. So will we. There will be no time to celebrate on the bikes, it's going to be a race till the last meter."

Ivančna Gorica
Novo mesto