27. Tour of Slovenia 2021 June 9th - June 13th
Tour of Slovenia

Dear Sponsors & Friends of Cycling


Another splendidly executed Tour of Slovenia is behind us, and for the 27th time organizers from the Novo mesto cycling club, named after Adria Mobil, knew and managed to bring world class teams to Slovenia and set a stage for #FightForGreen.

Race came to life with the help of fantastic fans and their original activations and attractions, in places along the entire route of the race. Thanks to Eurosport and Television Slovenia fans from more than 120 countries saw the beauty of Slovenia and cheering spirit. We managed to create sports-tourism spectacle and we’re sure that this is one of the most visible and most recognizable events in Slovenia and absolutely most attention-grabbing cycling event in the country.

In the name of the organizers, Cycling club Adria Mobil, we thank you all for the support and your contribution to more than successful execution. Without your cooperation and contribution, we couldn’t do Tour of Slovenia on such a high level, this is why we thank you again for the positive spirits and support to the sport that can do well on the professional level only thanks to partners like yourself.

We wish you all the best and have a great ride!

Bogdan Fink,
Organizing director of the Tour of Slovenia and director of Cycling Club Adria Mobil

Mojca Novak,
President of organizing committee of the Tour of Slovenia and President of Adria Mobil Cycling Team

Photo: Mario Stiehl