30. Tour of Slovenia June 12th - June 16th 2024

The heart of the Tour of Slovenia live broadcast

The heart of the Tour of Slovenia live broadcast

Behind the broadcast you get on Eurosport (and the Global Cycling Network) or on Television Slovenija is a huge apparatus with an extremely large team of experts and literally several trucks of technical equipment, today we're going to take a look inside the truck that is the heart of the whole production.

The number of viewers of the Tour of Slovenia broadcast is measured in the millions, and practically one click is enough to start the feed and watch riders from your living room. Of course, on the other hand, it's not all that simple - the TV crew for the broadcast is well over 50 strong, made up of cameramen, motorcyclists, pilots, technicians and, of course, the entire directing staff.

The most visible of the entire TV crew are, of course, the motorcyclists with their cameramen and the helicopter, with a participating aircraft flying high above the race. At the finish line, there are technical vehicles from all kinds of teams and technicians, all linked together in the Television Slovenija’s HD 2 reporting vehicle. Inside the 12-metre-long truck, all the signals come together, and the final result of the team's work is the broadcast you see on your screen.

The main room houses the director, assistants and producers, with separate rooms for the camera controls and sound teams. Graphics are created in an additional field studio, same goes for the commentators. All of this is connected by kilometers of cables and numerous wireless signals.

To put the icing on the cake, everything has to be moved to a new location daily, which of course means additional challenges, but the experienced international team is up to the task and the broadcast is better with each of the editions.

Thank you to the whole team for a great job!

Video highlights of this year's Tour of Slovenia.

Photos by Grega Stopar & Mario Stiehl